Friday, 21 February 2014

Here is a photo of one of our lovely nurse's Laura.... I think Laura been doing a spot of modelling in her spare time. I called her name and this is the look that she gave me immediately, no asking to pose, just on auto pilot......

Mothers love....    

Kyle loves his ballon... But where is mummy?  Kyle says she's shy! LOL

Elaine's last day working as a Staff nurse at the QMC.  Here we have all of the nurse's, that was on duty that day.  Our ward Sister, Cathy and Dr Nicola posing for the final shot!  Hip hip, Horray!

Elaine's retirement cake! It was absolutley Yummy and what a BIG Cake! 

This is Nicola our lovely ward Doctor.  It was Nicola's last day today as she moves onto another ward within the hospital.  It was a real pleasure working with her and I feel sure that she will go far within her career.  I certainly would feel confident if I was a patient on the ward with Nicola looking after me or any of my family and friends.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

One of the nurses at the Hospital where I work invited myself and my husband to her retirement party.   Elaine  knew that we both enjoyed photography and asked if we would take some photo's of the evening. 

I felt privileged to be asked and it was a real pleasure that we could record the event for her.  So that she would be able to cherish the memories of the evening with the girls that she worked with at the hospital for some many years.

The feast that Elaine laid on was really lovely!    I particularly liked the cupcakes below, as you can see they were all designed with a medical theme.  They not only looked good but tasted absolutely yummy!

The photo below I have called 'Charlies Angels'.... These are three of the nurses that work with  on the ward.  What a fabulous team to work with.