Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Well thats all folks!  Signing out with Burlesque Feathers!  

Tis Moi - BoopstersView  

From feathers to Boa's, signing out for the last time.......... Tis Moi - BoopstersView! 

Tis naughty of me - but hey!  If you've got it flaunt it, I say!  


  1. Beautiful photos of you Gail :-)

  2. I'll be sad to see you go so soon after I joined the group, but sometimes things crop up which are too important to be distracted from. I hope that you return one day, soon. Great pictures btw!

  3. Great Header Gail, love that pic of you, and the rest too.
    Thanks for the hard work and fun in the Headers Challenges, best of luck in all you do.

    Dont be a stranger.
    Julie and Stewart.

  4. Feathers well used. I wish you well in your further endeavors. You've been fun to meme with.

  5. Gail: Cool take on the theme. Would have like to you and the feather fan as the header. Must have been an interesting show.

  6. Looks like I'll have to be buying a feather boa or two then!


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