Wednesday, 22 August 2012

This weeks theme is 'What I would like to see in an Exhibition.

This weeks Headbanger theme is 'What I would like to see in an Exhibition'.  
Since I purchased my Nikon D7000 in March this year we booked a few photography workshops.
Where we have had the oppportunity in photographing some models.   The very first workshop that we took was a Groupon deal at Northwood studio in Birmingham.  My header is a portrait photo of a young girl called Gemma that we had the opportunity of photographing  I think you must agree Gemma is a very beautiful young girl whom I think will do very well in modelling.  I do enjoy portrait photography immensely as well as the ususal street photography.
Since that very first workshop we have booked a few other workshops at various studios trying to build  up my portfolio and experience in such things as general use of the camera settings, poses and lighting techniques.  

Above is a portrait photo of another beautiful model called 'Kat' that I took at Michael Lau's studio in Nottingham.
I love this pose of Kat were she is casually leaning over a bar stool, gazing into the camera.
I hope you have enjoyed my photo's for the headbanger challenge.  Please feel free to click on the links to see what the other headbangers have put on their blogs.


  1. Yes, I enjoy the workshops too. Here's to many more. Especially now we have a Nikon D3s

  2. Nice work on capturing these Models

  3. Lovely portrait, Gail, and not just because of the subject. It's not something I've explored, nor probably will. But I've captured the essence of some of my grandchildren. Maybe a protrait theme would be good one sometime, but I know I would be overwhelmed by your contributions to it.


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