Thursday, 30 August 2012

That's a Surprise

As a rule, I dont usually take my camera to work with me as I am concerned that it may be at risk of knocks, bumps and even go walkabouts.   I felt that I was missing out on some good photo opportunities.  So decided that I would take my old Panasonic bridge camera with me, as its smaller and I wouldn't be too upset if anything drastic happened to it.

Last week I was driving home from work through the grounds of the Nottingham University.  I had always noticed how beautiful the gardens where but dont often get chance to walk around the Park, so I decided to stop and take a stroll.  There is one particular area that always stands out to me when I drive through. This photo is what you see when you enter into the grounds.

The front of the garden has steps that lead up towards a summer house.  There are lots of flowers and shrubs that gently wrap themselves around stone steps that lead you up towards the house.  Whilst I was rambling along the steps I could distinctly hear the sound of running water!  I was intrigued where this was coming from, so decided to explore some more and got a lovely surprise!

At the back of the garden was a lovely waterfall leading down into a pond with water lillies and rockery.   There was a seating area, so decided to take a minute and enjoy the calmness of it all.

The QMC Hospital is only a stones throw away.  It is an extremely busy teaching hospital, so felt like pure bliss to be able to sit here and chill out after a very hectic day working a the wards.

Summer House
Stone Steps leading towards the Summer House

What a beautiful space to chill out in!  Now 'That was a Surprise'. 

Here below is one shot of the Nottingham University Hospital, Queens Medical Centre Campus.  Quite a dull looking building set opposite the grounds of the University.
Nottingham University Hospital - QMC Campus

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  1. Gail: Lucky you to end up in that surprising place.

  2. Looks like we're going to have to pay a visit there sometime for further exploration. Great to find something so interesting on ones doorstep.

  3. We've an arboretum in the nearby city which has a Japanese Garden. This has the same spirit.

  4. Wow! Those gardens are beautiful and I never knew they were there either! Definitely worth a visit. Beautiful captures Gail.

  5. Great surprise Gail, Beautiful too.


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