Wednesday, 1 August 2012


This weeks theme was Tattoo! Some years ago Tattoo's was only ever seen on men but nowadays tattoos are popular with both men & women and of all ages.  I have't got one myself but I have been promising myself that I would have one before I get much older.  Maybe its an age thing!  A few women I know have decided to have one for that 'special birthday' whether it is 21, 30 or even 60. I never used to like tattoo's but as time has gone by they have improved with quality.  In the old days they were mainly the blue/black ink and done very crudely but nowadays it is an art form.  Some of the Tattoo's are very artistly done, sometimes with all the colours of the rainbow.   Here are a few different types that have caught my eye at different venue's that we have been to.  My header was a guy that I saw at an Art show in Monte Carlo.  The guy above is a photoshoot that both Christopher and I went to.  His name is Jake and is in a band called 'The Money'.  And the lady to the right is a famous Burlesque dancer that portrayed her charms at Lady Burlesque at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham a while back.  All very different people and with different tastes in their own Tattoo's.  


  1. Gail: You got some great ink shots. Now you have to share yours.

  2. yup, I agree with Tom show show yours,lol.
    Very nice post and Header Gail.

  3. My daughter has a rose on her ankle, and my son in law has his Ironman logo on his leg. I think he plans to get another Ironman since his second finish. I have no tattoo pictures nor a chance right now to get any, so have headed my blog with our anniversary for this week.

  4. So is it going to be a dolphin, a rose or a rainbow then wifey dear? Something tasteful though and ladylike.


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