Thursday, 30 August 2012

That's a Surprise

As a rule, I dont usually take my camera to work with me as I am concerned that it may be at risk of knocks, bumps and even go walkabouts.   I felt that I was missing out on some good photo opportunities.  So decided that I would take my old Panasonic bridge camera with me, as its smaller and I wouldn't be too upset if anything drastic happened to it.

Last week I was driving home from work through the grounds of the Nottingham University.  I had always noticed how beautiful the gardens where but dont often get chance to walk around the Park, so I decided to stop and take a stroll.  There is one particular area that always stands out to me when I drive through. This photo is what you see when you enter into the grounds.

The front of the garden has steps that lead up towards a summer house.  There are lots of flowers and shrubs that gently wrap themselves around stone steps that lead you up towards the house.  Whilst I was rambling along the steps I could distinctly hear the sound of running water!  I was intrigued where this was coming from, so decided to explore some more and got a lovely surprise!

At the back of the garden was a lovely waterfall leading down into a pond with water lillies and rockery.   There was a seating area, so decided to take a minute and enjoy the calmness of it all.

The QMC Hospital is only a stones throw away.  It is an extremely busy teaching hospital, so felt like pure bliss to be able to sit here and chill out after a very hectic day working a the wards.

Summer House
Stone Steps leading towards the Summer House

What a beautiful space to chill out in!  Now 'That was a Surprise'. 

Here below is one shot of the Nottingham University Hospital, Queens Medical Centre Campus.  Quite a dull looking building set opposite the grounds of the University.
Nottingham University Hospital - QMC Campus

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

This weeks theme is 'What I would like to see in an Exhibition.

This weeks Headbanger theme is 'What I would like to see in an Exhibition'.  
Since I purchased my Nikon D7000 in March this year we booked a few photography workshops.
Where we have had the oppportunity in photographing some models.   The very first workshop that we took was a Groupon deal at Northwood studio in Birmingham.  My header is a portrait photo of a young girl called Gemma that we had the opportunity of photographing  I think you must agree Gemma is a very beautiful young girl whom I think will do very well in modelling.  I do enjoy portrait photography immensely as well as the ususal street photography.
Since that very first workshop we have booked a few other workshops at various studios trying to build  up my portfolio and experience in such things as general use of the camera settings, poses and lighting techniques.  

Above is a portrait photo of another beautiful model called 'Kat' that I took at Michael Lau's studio in Nottingham.
I love this pose of Kat were she is casually leaning over a bar stool, gazing into the camera.
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Thursday, 16 August 2012


This weeks theme is Christopher's 'Stripes'.

My header is a collection of stripe objects, handbags, throws. scarfs and not to mention the cuddly toy that I have arranged together for my interpretation of 'Stripes'.  There are lots of types of stripes, from animal stripe prints to thick stripes in an array of articles and colours.

Below is a group of Police Offices that were on duty at a the Riverside festival in Nottingham last year.   They have reflective stripes which allow them to be more visibly seen.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ice Cream anyone?

This weeks theme is Kathy's 'The Best of Summer'.

My header is of the one and only 'Gailsman'.

Think I may be in trouble again. LOL

I decided to play about with the collage effect in Picasa.   Its a first for me, never used it before.

I took these photo's whilst we were holidaying in Turkey a few years ago.

I don't normally use Picasa, I mainly use iphoto for editing.  Although after playing about with it, I think I should give it a whirl and experiment with the creative technique more often.

The boat above, was taken when we visited the little village of Saltaire near Bradford.  This long boat was actually moored up selling ice creams.  Very novel hey!

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012


This weeks theme was Tattoo! Some years ago Tattoo's was only ever seen on men but nowadays tattoos are popular with both men & women and of all ages.  I have't got one myself but I have been promising myself that I would have one before I get much older.  Maybe its an age thing!  A few women I know have decided to have one for that 'special birthday' whether it is 21, 30 or even 60. I never used to like tattoo's but as time has gone by they have improved with quality.  In the old days they were mainly the blue/black ink and done very crudely but nowadays it is an art form.  Some of the Tattoo's are very artistly done, sometimes with all the colours of the rainbow.   Here are a few different types that have caught my eye at different venue's that we have been to.  My header was a guy that I saw at an Art show in Monte Carlo.  The guy above is a photoshoot that both Christopher and I went to.  His name is Jake and is in a band called 'The Money'.  And the lady to the right is a famous Burlesque dancer that portrayed her charms at Lady Burlesque at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham a while back.  All very different people and with different tastes in their own Tattoo's.