Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fashion - Fashion - Fashion

Fashion was Christopher’s header challenge theme for this week.  
I thought I would use a photo that I took whilst strolling out one evening with my DH around Nottingham. We were looking for some inspirational photographic opportunities and luckily I found mine in a shop window display.   
Most shops have a specialist window dresser or merchandising as it is known in the trade. 
I loved the humor that the window dresser had injected by using mannequins with Cow features and signs advertising to eat more chicken!   
Here are a few more Fashion outfits that are being advertised in a shop window.  I love the contrast between the glossy black mannequins and the light coloured/bling fashion outfits.  
The wedding dress is in an arched window that is very high up and is illumunated with spot lights.  The illuminated wedding dress really makes an impact  when you are viewing this in the darkness of the night.  Very atmosperical!  

Thank you for visiting my Fashion shop today.  Please feel free to comment and then if you have time please pay a visit to the other Head bangers page to see how they have interpreted ‘Fashion’.  Hope to see you again soon.

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  1. Gail: Certainly enjoyed your look at fashion, the cows are so cute.


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