Thursday, 26 July 2012


This weeks Head banger theme is Tom's: Sunrise or Sunset.  
Here is my interpretation of Sunset, and why did I choose Sunset?  Well the only time I get up early enough for a Sunrise is for work and I don't normally take my camera with me.   So hence my theme is Sunset!   Note to self: get up earlier to catch the worm!  LOL   
On a number of occasions when I have found it difficult to sleep, I have got up and taken a stroll around the garden.  I must say the quietness of the early morning (I'm taking about 3am'ish here) is amazing this time of year.  It is so quiet and the birds are slowly awakening.  I woke up one day this week, both Christopher and myself have been off work on annual leave and guess what, I couldn’t sleep.  So after tossing and turning I decided to get up.  I made myself a nice cuppa and took a stroll around the back garden in my PJ's.  Oscar one of our little cats was awake also, so after feeding him he decided to follow me around the garden. 
Oscar did his usual brushing himself against my leg, just to let me know he was there to protect me!   Bless him!  
The morning was slowly starting to break.  The air still, with just a few ruffles of breeze, which was nice.  I had forgotten how lovely it was in the early hours of the morning.  Very serene!  I made myself a promise that at least a few days of the week I would get up earlier with the intentions of taking a stroll before work and enjoying the quietness of the day.
Well that is my plan of action, to start getting up earlier and taking a morning stroll.  Enjoying the peace and calmness of the lovely summer mornings and also a chance to see what snap shots I can catch.  I'll let you know how I get on!  :-) 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fashion - Fashion - Fashion

Fashion was Christopher’s header challenge theme for this week.  
I thought I would use a photo that I took whilst strolling out one evening with my DH around Nottingham. We were looking for some inspirational photographic opportunities and luckily I found mine in a shop window display.   
Most shops have a specialist window dresser or merchandising as it is known in the trade. 
I loved the humor that the window dresser had injected by using mannequins with Cow features and signs advertising to eat more chicken!   
Here are a few more Fashion outfits that are being advertised in a shop window.  I love the contrast between the glossy black mannequins and the light coloured/bling fashion outfits.  
The wedding dress is in an arched window that is very high up and is illumunated with spot lights.  The illuminated wedding dress really makes an impact  when you are viewing this in the darkness of the night.  Very atmosperical!  

Thank you for visiting my Fashion shop today.  Please feel free to comment and then if you have time please pay a visit to the other Head bangers page to see how they have interpreted ‘Fashion’.  Hope to see you again soon.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Health, Wealth or Happiness within a Flower

My header is of a couple who we saw getting married in Morecombe when we paid a visit there earlier on this year. 

The couple  got married at the Midland Hotel 
which is located on Morecombes beach front. 

The Midland Hotal is a bautiful Arte Deco Hotel that was use in the series of Poirot.

We later saw them having a photo shoot along the promenade and I couldnt help myself joining in taking some snaps of the happy couple.  Here they are having a smooching scene with her gorgesous bouquet! 

We duly wished the happy couple Health, Wealth and Happiness for their future. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Monte Carlo's - Water World

I had a special birthday present last year for a special birthday... Yes you've guessed it, 21! Oh, to be 21 again! ;-)
Well my lovely hubby took me on a surprise visit to Monte Carlo.  It was superb, absolutely amazing, loved every minute of it!  It’s a very beautiful place with lots of history and photo opportunities galore.
This photo is of a very interesting sculptured water wheel.  The inside turns around, lapping up scoops of water from the curved plates, gently distributing the water around the pool.
Its mesmerizing and magical to watch and the sounds of the water is both relaxing and therapeutic. I would love to have my own small water world in my back garden! 

Small World

This week’s Headbanger theme was Kathy's:
 A Small World.  
My interpretation is of a photo that I took in February at the Nottingham Castle this year.  Nottingham was celebrating its Light Night event.  Light Night is a national programme of events covering the whole of the UK.  In 2012 more than a dozen locations offered their residents and visitors opportunities to experience their city from a fresh perspective. It is a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate the city, focusing on their shared culture, history and identity.
For one night the city stays up so that its attractions and symbols are seen in a new light. The spectators get to see the unusual in a familiar environment and 'lose themselves' in the city, which is transformed into a stage for the night. Light Night is the best showcase for gaining wide public interest and participation so that people ‘buy into' their city in a short amount of time. 
One part of our city tour we visited the Nottingham Castle where there were several exhibitions; one of them was Anish Kapoors work.  Anish Kapoors is a prize winning British sculptor with a CBE.  Kapoor has been making waves since his arrival in London in the 1980s, with bold sculptures and more recently architectural pieces designed for large public spaces (‘Leviathan’, 2011) and in Nottingham we have the Sky Mirror which is located outside the Nottingham Playhouse.  
Kapoor’s works was displayed in The Long Gallery of Nottingham Castle.  As well as the usual gallery appetisers of books, photographs and a beautiful film exploring the works of Kapoor.  The exhibition focuses on three common themes in Kapoor’s work: Colour, Reflection and Humanity. 
  This piece of installation is of similar trait to that of the Sky mirror at the Playhouse Theatre.  When viewed from a distance you see the entire audience perfectly framed and miniaturized into a small world.   
Im hope that you have enjoyed my interpretation of 'A Small World'.  Please go and view the other Headbangers creations from the link on my page.  Don't hesitate to leave your views and comments.  Its all in the name of 'FUN'.