Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Focus on Imaging Show at NEC

This is my first week as a headbanger 20th June 2012. This was Tom's choice, which is orange. I hope you like my little character, do you think he could be related to Kermit the Frog! I haven't given him a name yet, so it would be interesting to see what names people come up with...... Earlier this year Christopher, his brother Tony and I went to the Focus on Imaging exhibition at the Birmingham NEC. This was one of the stands there showing my favourite toy! Got to be an Apple Imac.  Love it!   I noticed this picture of a larger than life orange character, up on the right hand side on the wall. I thought it must be Kermit's friend or something.  It made me chuckle, so had to take a snap of it. Thankyou for taking time to view my blog. Please take a look at the other headbangers, the links to the other bloggers in the headbanger challenge are on the left hand side to my page.


  1. With all the bubbles in his mouth, do you think he's been rude and someone has made him clean his mouth out with soap!

    As for a name, it's got to be Bubbles.

  2. It seems my comments have disappeared somewhere Gail,
    Its a good likeness to Christopher, so I reckon you should call him Casanova, a ladies man if I ever saw one.lol.
    Great post on your 1st week gail

  3. I think Christopher must be a combination of Matt Lucas, David Walliams and Casanova then! LOL


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