Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Messing around on the River @ Trent Lock

Last weekend we went to a friends wedding at Trent Lock.  Neither of us had been here before so it was a very nice surprise, to see how lovely it was.  Beautiful weather and a very relaxed atmosphere put you in the holiday mode. 
This is what British Summers are all about, messing around on the river! 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Well thats all folks!  Signing out with Burlesque Feathers!  

Tis Moi - BoopstersView  

From feathers to Boa's, signing out for the last time.......... Tis Moi - BoopstersView! 

Tis naughty of me - but hey!  If you've got it flaunt it, I say!  

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Through the Window

This weeks theme is through the window, so thought I would put a novel photo on that I took with my iphone, whilst as a passenger in the back of Christopher's Fiat 500 last weekend.  We travelled up north to Chester to attend Damian McGillycuddy's workshop, when I spotted a Katerham 7 behind us.  
As you can see from the photo the motorway was very busy and sluggish.  We were queing up in a line of traffic when I managed to take a snap of the couple driving the Katerham 7.  I gave them a cheeky wave and they waved back and smiled in acknowledgment.   A friend was travelling down with us in Christopher's Fiat 500.  Jurgen is quite a tall guy so I sat in the back to allow Jurgen to sit with his head in the open sunroof!  LOL  Well he is over 6ft tall and we nearly had to open the sun roof.  We did try hiring the Pope mobile but apparently it was booked out for the weekend!  LOL 
We spent Saturday afternoon browsing around Chester and took quite a few photo's of people in their sunday best, as it was Ladies day at the local race course.  Then Sunday we went to see the man himself 'Mr Damian McGillycuddy'.  We had a fabulous weekend checking out the relative new Olympus Om-D Camera and what it can do!  Its a real gem! 

More company on the motorway.  I wonder where these bikers were heading off to.  

Thursday, 30 August 2012

That's a Surprise

As a rule, I dont usually take my camera to work with me as I am concerned that it may be at risk of knocks, bumps and even go walkabouts.   I felt that I was missing out on some good photo opportunities.  So decided that I would take my old Panasonic bridge camera with me, as its smaller and I wouldn't be too upset if anything drastic happened to it.

Last week I was driving home from work through the grounds of the Nottingham University.  I had always noticed how beautiful the gardens where but dont often get chance to walk around the Park, so I decided to stop and take a stroll.  There is one particular area that always stands out to me when I drive through. This photo is what you see when you enter into the grounds.

The front of the garden has steps that lead up towards a summer house.  There are lots of flowers and shrubs that gently wrap themselves around stone steps that lead you up towards the house.  Whilst I was rambling along the steps I could distinctly hear the sound of running water!  I was intrigued where this was coming from, so decided to explore some more and got a lovely surprise!

At the back of the garden was a lovely waterfall leading down into a pond with water lillies and rockery.   There was a seating area, so decided to take a minute and enjoy the calmness of it all.

The QMC Hospital is only a stones throw away.  It is an extremely busy teaching hospital, so felt like pure bliss to be able to sit here and chill out after a very hectic day working a the wards.

Summer House
Stone Steps leading towards the Summer House

What a beautiful space to chill out in!  Now 'That was a Surprise'. 

Here below is one shot of the Nottingham University Hospital, Queens Medical Centre Campus.  Quite a dull looking building set opposite the grounds of the University.
Nottingham University Hospital - QMC Campus

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

This weeks theme is 'What I would like to see in an Exhibition.

This weeks Headbanger theme is 'What I would like to see in an Exhibition'.  
Since I purchased my Nikon D7000 in March this year we booked a few photography workshops.
Where we have had the oppportunity in photographing some models.   The very first workshop that we took was a Groupon deal at Northwood studio in Birmingham.  My header is a portrait photo of a young girl called Gemma that we had the opportunity of photographing  I think you must agree Gemma is a very beautiful young girl whom I think will do very well in modelling.  I do enjoy portrait photography immensely as well as the ususal street photography.
Since that very first workshop we have booked a few other workshops at various studios trying to build  up my portfolio and experience in such things as general use of the camera settings, poses and lighting techniques.  

Above is a portrait photo of another beautiful model called 'Kat' that I took at Michael Lau's studio in Nottingham.
I love this pose of Kat were she is casually leaning over a bar stool, gazing into the camera.
I hope you have enjoyed my photo's for the headbanger challenge.  Please feel free to click on the links to see what the other headbangers have put on their blogs.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


This weeks theme is Christopher's 'Stripes'.

My header is a collection of stripe objects, handbags, throws. scarfs and not to mention the cuddly toy that I have arranged together for my interpretation of 'Stripes'.  There are lots of types of stripes, from animal stripe prints to thick stripes in an array of articles and colours.

Below is a group of Police Offices that were on duty at a the Riverside festival in Nottingham last year.   They have reflective stripes which allow them to be more visibly seen.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ice Cream anyone?

This weeks theme is Kathy's 'The Best of Summer'.

My header is of the one and only 'Gailsman'.

Think I may be in trouble again. LOL

I decided to play about with the collage effect in Picasa.   Its a first for me, never used it before.

I took these photo's whilst we were holidaying in Turkey a few years ago.

I don't normally use Picasa, I mainly use iphoto for editing.  Although after playing about with it, I think I should give it a whirl and experiment with the creative technique more often.

The boat above, was taken when we visited the little village of Saltaire near Bradford.  This long boat was actually moored up selling ice creams.  Very novel hey!

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Thank you for viewing my blog and I do hope you will call again.  Here's hoping for the Very Best of Summer!  I think we deserve one this year, dont you! :-)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


This weeks theme was Tattoo! Some years ago Tattoo's was only ever seen on men but nowadays tattoos are popular with both men & women and of all ages.  I have't got one myself but I have been promising myself that I would have one before I get much older.  Maybe its an age thing!  A few women I know have decided to have one for that 'special birthday' whether it is 21, 30 or even 60. I never used to like tattoo's but as time has gone by they have improved with quality.  In the old days they were mainly the blue/black ink and done very crudely but nowadays it is an art form.  Some of the Tattoo's are very artistly done, sometimes with all the colours of the rainbow.   Here are a few different types that have caught my eye at different venue's that we have been to.  My header was a guy that I saw at an Art show in Monte Carlo.  The guy above is a photoshoot that both Christopher and I went to.  His name is Jake and is in a band called 'The Money'.  And the lady to the right is a famous Burlesque dancer that portrayed her charms at Lady Burlesque at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham a while back.  All very different people and with different tastes in their own Tattoo's.  

Thursday, 26 July 2012


This weeks Head banger theme is Tom's: Sunrise or Sunset.  
Here is my interpretation of Sunset, and why did I choose Sunset?  Well the only time I get up early enough for a Sunrise is for work and I don't normally take my camera with me.   So hence my theme is Sunset!   Note to self: get up earlier to catch the worm!  LOL   
On a number of occasions when I have found it difficult to sleep, I have got up and taken a stroll around the garden.  I must say the quietness of the early morning (I'm taking about 3am'ish here) is amazing this time of year.  It is so quiet and the birds are slowly awakening.  I woke up one day this week, both Christopher and myself have been off work on annual leave and guess what, I couldn’t sleep.  So after tossing and turning I decided to get up.  I made myself a nice cuppa and took a stroll around the back garden in my PJ's.  Oscar one of our little cats was awake also, so after feeding him he decided to follow me around the garden. 
Oscar did his usual brushing himself against my leg, just to let me know he was there to protect me!   Bless him!  
The morning was slowly starting to break.  The air still, with just a few ruffles of breeze, which was nice.  I had forgotten how lovely it was in the early hours of the morning.  Very serene!  I made myself a promise that at least a few days of the week I would get up earlier with the intentions of taking a stroll before work and enjoying the quietness of the day.
Well that is my plan of action, to start getting up earlier and taking a morning stroll.  Enjoying the peace and calmness of the lovely summer mornings and also a chance to see what snap shots I can catch.  I'll let you know how I get on!  :-) 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fashion - Fashion - Fashion

Fashion was Christopher’s header challenge theme for this week.  
I thought I would use a photo that I took whilst strolling out one evening with my DH around Nottingham. We were looking for some inspirational photographic opportunities and luckily I found mine in a shop window display.   
Most shops have a specialist window dresser or merchandising as it is known in the trade. 
I loved the humor that the window dresser had injected by using mannequins with Cow features and signs advertising to eat more chicken!   
Here are a few more Fashion outfits that are being advertised in a shop window.  I love the contrast between the glossy black mannequins and the light coloured/bling fashion outfits.  
The wedding dress is in an arched window that is very high up and is illumunated with spot lights.  The illuminated wedding dress really makes an impact  when you are viewing this in the darkness of the night.  Very atmosperical!  

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Health, Wealth or Happiness within a Flower

My header is of a couple who we saw getting married in Morecombe when we paid a visit there earlier on this year. 

The couple  got married at the Midland Hotel 
which is located on Morecombes beach front. 

The Midland Hotal is a bautiful Arte Deco Hotel that was use in the series of Poirot.

We later saw them having a photo shoot along the promenade and I couldnt help myself joining in taking some snaps of the happy couple.  Here they are having a smooching scene with her gorgesous bouquet! 

We duly wished the happy couple Health, Wealth and Happiness for their future. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Monte Carlo's - Water World

I had a special birthday present last year for a special birthday... Yes you've guessed it, 21! Oh, to be 21 again! ;-)
Well my lovely hubby took me on a surprise visit to Monte Carlo.  It was superb, absolutely amazing, loved every minute of it!  It’s a very beautiful place with lots of history and photo opportunities galore.
This photo is of a very interesting sculptured water wheel.  The inside turns around, lapping up scoops of water from the curved plates, gently distributing the water around the pool.
Its mesmerizing and magical to watch and the sounds of the water is both relaxing and therapeutic. I would love to have my own small water world in my back garden! 

Small World

This week’s Headbanger theme was Kathy's:
 A Small World.  
My interpretation is of a photo that I took in February at the Nottingham Castle this year.  Nottingham was celebrating its Light Night event.  Light Night is a national programme of events covering the whole of the UK.  In 2012 more than a dozen locations offered their residents and visitors opportunities to experience their city from a fresh perspective. It is a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate the city, focusing on their shared culture, history and identity.
For one night the city stays up so that its attractions and symbols are seen in a new light. The spectators get to see the unusual in a familiar environment and 'lose themselves' in the city, which is transformed into a stage for the night. Light Night is the best showcase for gaining wide public interest and participation so that people ‘buy into' their city in a short amount of time. 
One part of our city tour we visited the Nottingham Castle where there were several exhibitions; one of them was Anish Kapoors work.  Anish Kapoors is a prize winning British sculptor with a CBE.  Kapoor has been making waves since his arrival in London in the 1980s, with bold sculptures and more recently architectural pieces designed for large public spaces (‘Leviathan’, 2011) and in Nottingham we have the Sky Mirror which is located outside the Nottingham Playhouse.  
Kapoor’s works was displayed in The Long Gallery of Nottingham Castle.  As well as the usual gallery appetisers of books, photographs and a beautiful film exploring the works of Kapoor.  The exhibition focuses on three common themes in Kapoor’s work: Colour, Reflection and Humanity. 
  This piece of installation is of similar trait to that of the Sky mirror at the Playhouse Theatre.  When viewed from a distance you see the entire audience perfectly framed and miniaturized into a small world.   
Im hope that you have enjoyed my interpretation of 'A Small World'.  Please go and view the other Headbangers creations from the link on my page.  Don't hesitate to leave your views and comments.  Its all in the name of 'FUN'. 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


This weeks headbanger was my choice of BLING...  Its a bit girlie I know, but Bling can be mean lots of different things.  
My photo is from the interior of a shopping mall in Dubai.  Has you can image Dubai is a very rich and opulent city!  The word 'Bling' is a little tame for some of the interior and exterior buildings in Dubai and what a shopper paradise!  Designer this and designer that..... Bling, Bling, Bling! 

Please go and view the rest of the gangs 'Bling' header on their blogs.   Comments and constructive critique always very welcome, and should you wish to join us, the more the merrier!  Get in touch with one of the gang for information.  Thank you for visiting my blog!  
Shopping Mall in Dubai
Here is Wikipeadia term of 'Bling'.
In linguistics terms, bling is an ideophone intended to evoke the "sound" of light hitting silver, platinum, or diamonds. It is not an onomatopoeia, because the act of jewelry shining does not make a sound. The form bling-bling is a case of reduplication.
The use of the phrase became popular, as seen in the skywriting advertisement over this New York summer resort destination of Southampton in 2006.
It is widely believed that Rapper Lil Wayne invented the word Bling-bling one night in the studio. However, this particular ideophone was already in use in different forms, as the word [ping] some 35 years earlier, in rap songs such as Slick Rick's 1988 single "Mona Lisa." During the mid- to late 1960s, toothpaste maker Ultra Brite ran a series of commercials stating, "Ultrabrite gives your mouth...[ping]...sex appeal!"[1] Before the words "sex appeal", a bell sound was heard as a young man or woman smiled. Comedians such as Martin Lawrence parodied the "Ultrabrite smile" by vocalizing the sound effect as both "bling-bling," and "bling-blauw."
Venetian Mask/Burlesque masks
The term was used in this way to describe a gaudy piece of jewelry, for example the otherwise rotten gold-toothed smile and stereotypical pimp jewelry of the character "Jerome" on the television series Martin. Jesse West (known as rapper 3rd Eye) is cited as perhaps the first rapper to use the complete term "bling bling"[2] on Super Cat's 1993 hit "Dolly My Baby (Remix)" - a song that West produced, and also featured Puff Daddy and a young Biggie Smalls in his record debut.

Just another shopping mall in Dubai - Chanderliers!

While the specific term bling was first popularized in the hip hop community, it has spread beyond hip hop culture and into mass culture. This is similar to the meteoric rise of hip hop music itself, which has led to its most popular artists becoming mainstream pop music icons. "Bling" was added to the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary in 2002 and to the Merriam Webster dictionary in 2006. Companies such as Sprint and Cadillac have used the word bling in their advertisements. During a 2008 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade in Jacksonville, Florida, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney admired a baby decked in dress attire with gold jewelry and said, "Oh, you've got some bling-bling here."[3]
In 2004, MTV released a satirical cartoon showing the term being used first by a rapper and then by several progressively less "streetwise" characters, concluding with a middle-aged white woman describing her earrings to her elderly mother.[4] It ended with the statement, "RIP bling-bling 1997-2003." In 2005, the rapper B.G. remarked that he "just wished that he'd trademarked it"[5] so that he could have profited. Like many cases of once-exclusive vernacular that becomes mainstream, the views of the originators towards the term have changed significantly over the years. On VH1's Why You Love Hip-Hop, rapper Fat Joe stated, "rappers don't call jewelry 'bling' anymore, we just call 'em "diamonds"."

Dancing shoes, or bedroom slippers ;-)

Monday, 25 June 2012

Lady Burlesque

Last weekend, I went to see a show that one of our mutual friends was taking part in.  The show was called Lady Burlesque, and featured dancers from all over the region, with the aim of raising money for charity. 

As some of you may know, modern burlesque is generally associated with variety shows that contain striptease, whilst the origins are more closely associated with theatre performances and poetry. The art of burlesque has undergone some significant changes throughout history.
The literal meaning of burlesque is to "send up" and the term is derived from the Latin word burra. In the 14th century, Geoffrey Chaucer’s satirical The Canterbury Tales popularised burlesque in verse and prose. Many other writers have used burlesque in their tales.

Here are a few photos that I took of the Lady Burlesque dancers. They have been practising for some time now and I'm sure its been hard work for them all, but it certainly paid off in the show, as it looked like the ladies had a ball performing in front of an audience and what a way to keep fit!  I think I may be joining them! ;-)  Oh la la!  

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

iPhone apps are just so funny!

I took this photo of Christopher with my iphone and converted it using one of iphone apps.  Whoah I'm in trouble now!  LOL

Focus on Imaging Show at NEC

This is my first week as a headbanger 20th June 2012. This was Tom's choice, which is orange. I hope you like my little character, do you think he could be related to Kermit the Frog! I haven't given him a name yet, so it would be interesting to see what names people come up with...... Earlier this year Christopher, his brother Tony and I went to the Focus on Imaging exhibition at the Birmingham NEC. This was one of the stands there showing my favourite toy! Got to be an Apple Imac.  Love it!   I noticed this picture of a larger than life orange character, up on the right hand side on the wall. I thought it must be Kermit's friend or something.  It made me chuckle, so had to take a snap of it. Thankyou for taking time to view my blog. Please take a look at the other headbangers, the links to the other bloggers in the headbanger challenge are on the left hand side to my page.