Saturday, 5 November 2011

A walk in the park

Last weekend we met up with some friends for lunch. After filling ourselves to the brim with delicious carvery lunch we took a stroll in Belton park to help burn off the calories. What an awesome sight it was to see the Reindeers wondering around the grounds, the air was crisp and certainly blew away any cobwebs. Its strange how we usually decline to move away from our cozy warm fires on cold damp days. But once out there we certainly felt invigorated and glad that we had ventured out. I must admit that I do often wish to live in a warmer climate, but there is something to be said for experiencing the environmental changes of the British seasons. The explosion of colour and growth in springtime and the rustic autumnal changes of the fall, blended together with the early morning songs brought to us from the vast array of birds and insects that migrate to our shores, just makes it pure bliss!


  1. It was great to meet up with our deer friends from Grantham and having a photo trip to Belton House again. Shame it was getting dark though, but your photos have come out alright

  2. 1st let me welcome you back to blog land Gail.

    I like your new revised blog layout too.

    As to your photos they are just great, love the light in them, cropped perfect,and the leaves close-up is wonderful.
    I reckon you will give Christopher a run for his money - lol. Well done.
    Hope to see you here again real soon.

    One of the Friday night gang and I have been to the Liongates again this afternoon, and about to sort my pics out.

  3. I also hope that we all can meet real soon out there again.

    Julie and I really enjoyed yours and Christophers company - Thanks.

  4. I see a little movement in your blog Gail,lol

    Now posting Scottish Isles holiday.


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