Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Lights, camera, action! Catching the photographer in action.

During my evening with the Strobist amateur photographers, the group were experimenting with professional lighting and brollies.
I wanted to play a different part, me being a novice and liking to do my own thing. I stood around observing the photographers in action, listening to the groups' individual banter and comments and then what advice Lee was offering them in how to deal with certain situations and shots.

I love to see the glossy magazines that portray models with the latest fashions, and find it fastinating to know what was involved within the process of creating that particular shot. Its always interesting to see who and what was behind the camera lens and what was involved in the making of it.

I must admit I am a self confessed 'people watcher'. My husband just thinks I'm nosey! Well maybe I am, but I just love watching and listening to other people's conversations and how they interact with each other.
How people's persona can change when with a different crowd or even what one other character can bring to a situation and how it changes the dynamics of the group. Real life drama, that's what I like.....


  1. A person after my own heart Gail, I love to capture the Photographer at work, you did well.

  2. Excellent set of pictures...
    I take the odd sneaky picture of other picture takers. I people watch all the time... love it. I can sit in a town centre and pick out people I just know are worth watching.... it's surprising I've never been locked up... ha! saying that I am normally with Jane... my 'by far better half' when doing this.
    Have you seen those attachments you can buy to take pictures that are to the side of where your camera is pointing? they work off mirrors... anyhow now I've worried you about the kind of person I am :O) I would like to thank you for commenting on my Header... I laughed at the Telly Tubbies referance... Me and Imac look a bit like telly tubbies.... but don't tell him I said that.
    Have a good weekend

  3. I knew that Tom-Ass lived in La La Land.

  4. Unfortunately a photography school in Brazil is using a picture of you as their own.


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