Saturday, 22 May 2010

The magically disappearing feet!

One evening this week I went with my husband and several of his Flickr pals, to a local photo studio owned by one of the guys. The aim of the evening was to experiment with professional lighting within a studio and outdoor setting.
Two very pretty girls very kindly posed for a few hours, whilst several of us snapped away with our cameras. The more experienced guys used the professional strobist lighting and reflective brollies. Me being a novice and a free spirited sort of person, just did my own thing. Shooting the camera almost aimlessly, experimenting with different shots and flash. Well mainly just because I could (well, with digital cameras that what its all about isn't it?) and seeing what effects I could create.
I was quite amused at some of my ad hoc pics and how they turned out.
I experimented with my camera flash on occassions and tried various angles. I quite like the shoes that one of the models was wearing and clicked away.
I took one close up pic and snapped away again using the flash. I realised that this was very overly exposed, but found it amusing that the over exposed shot looked like there were no feet inside the shoes, and that the ankle chain just kinda floated above very mysteriously! Weird but wonderful!

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  1. Nice one Gail, its amazing what you can capture and even more so when you discover a beauty.


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