Saturday, 15 May 2010

Day 1

Well I have became increasingly neglected that my hubby is either out taking pics or updating his blog page.
So I decided that if you cant beat them, then join em. So to speak!

My decision now is deciding what Theme of pics to add to my blog. I'm aiming to attach one photo per week and see how it goes from there.

So, theme! Well like most woman, I like fashion whether it is clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelery, yes the list is endless. :-)

Oh la la, I can feel a shopping trip coming on... On the Internet of course. Well there aren't many shops open on a Saturday evening at 7:45pm is there, unless of course you live in Dubai... How I miss Dubai! :-(

Yes I am setting my blog page up in the middle of Dr Who Confidential! Oh sacrilege you say!
My hubby is appalled at me.. 'Well I am a woman', I told him, 'We woman can multi task' I mocked back at him... Well if you know my hubby, you'll know that it didn't fall on deaf ears........ Talk about sarcasm, lol

Well off I go, and see where my travels take me to and what stories I have to tell... Wish me luck ;-)


  1. Welcome to my world wifey. I'm sure you'll get lots of followers as you go along. If you write as well as you talk, then your blogs will be quite long!

  2. Hi Gail welcome to the wonderful world of blogging:) Sorry to say but I cannot stand Dr. Who anymore, my husband absolutely loves it. Oh well each to their own:) Good luck and welcome on board. Linda

  3. Welcome Gail. You will have so much fun blogging.

  4. Christopher is right, I think all women can talk a hind leg off a
    Welcome to blogland Gail.....

  5. Welcome to blog land Gail....
    I hope you have lots of fun writing and posting your pictures... and even more fun getting out and about with your camera. Do not worry, all men you meet in blogland are not your man and Stewart.... some are very nice like me. ha!...

    All the best

  6. Oh my, that Tom lives in LA LA Land.

  7. Looking forward to Day2 Gail.

  8. I found you! Well this blog is going to be the BEST fun and all the more reason for you and Christopher to visit MC to photograph Monte Carlo ladies! Lots of luck, Gail. You won't need it. I sense a great blog coming along...


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