Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Bows and Bracelets

Here are some additional shots that I took in the studio with one of the models.

I wanted to capture the nice black shiny bow on the side of her outfit with the contrast of her glistening bracelets around her wrist. And, I must admit I was actually eyeing up her Pandora bracelet. :-) Pandora braclets are a very sought after piece of girly jewellery at the moment. They can work out to be very expensive, although like most things nowadays you can get some good immitations, that are very reasonable priced. Of which, after my recent shopping trip to Southwell I purchased one for £15. I'm one very happy lady now, until the next shopping trip of course. Just don't tell the husband though. ;-)

I always like to see Silver or White gold jewellery, especially against nice tanned skin! Love the rings here and again the bracelets look the part. The jangley sound you get when two or more pieces of jewellery swish around in harmony with one another, always remind me of a beautiful wind chime.


  1. You mean top tell me Gail-that Christopher did'nt buy you the gift.?.

    I think you did one great job of capturing these glittering goodies.

  2. Really like the bracelets in the second shot. Your camera captures detail so well - as I know with that really nice Lumix FZ18.


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