Sunday, 5 December 2010

VIP trip to BBC TV & Radio Nottingham Studios

These shots were captured by my trusty little 'iphone'. Silly me forgot to take my camera with me, and as I didn't want to miss out on the photo opportunity, I snapped away with my iphone!

Here are a few shots that I took whilst touring around the building. It is well worth a visit I think! Should you want to take a tour, give the Nottingham BBC studios a call and book a tour. They are most very obliging, its entertaining and you never know who you may bump into!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Lights, camera, action! Catching the photographer in action.

During my evening with the Strobist amateur photographers, the group were experimenting with professional lighting and brollies.
I wanted to play a different part, me being a novice and liking to do my own thing. I stood around observing the photographers in action, listening to the groups' individual banter and comments and then what advice Lee was offering them in how to deal with certain situations and shots.

I love to see the glossy magazines that portray models with the latest fashions, and find it fastinating to know what was involved within the process of creating that particular shot. Its always interesting to see who and what was behind the camera lens and what was involved in the making of it.

I must admit I am a self confessed 'people watcher'. My husband just thinks I'm nosey! Well maybe I am, but I just love watching and listening to other people's conversations and how they interact with each other.
How people's persona can change when with a different crowd or even what one other character can bring to a situation and how it changes the dynamics of the group. Real life drama, that's what I like.....

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Bows and Bracelets

Here are some additional shots that I took in the studio with one of the models.

I wanted to capture the nice black shiny bow on the side of her outfit with the contrast of her glistening bracelets around her wrist. And, I must admit I was actually eyeing up her Pandora bracelet. :-) Pandora braclets are a very sought after piece of girly jewellery at the moment. They can work out to be very expensive, although like most things nowadays you can get some good immitations, that are very reasonable priced. Of which, after my recent shopping trip to Southwell I purchased one for £15. I'm one very happy lady now, until the next shopping trip of course. Just don't tell the husband though. ;-)

I always like to see Silver or White gold jewellery, especially against nice tanned skin! Love the rings here and again the bracelets look the part. The jangley sound you get when two or more pieces of jewellery swish around in harmony with one another, always remind me of a beautiful wind chime.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The magically disappearing feet!

One evening this week I went with my husband and several of his Flickr pals, to a local photo studio owned by one of the guys. The aim of the evening was to experiment with professional lighting within a studio and outdoor setting.
Two very pretty girls very kindly posed for a few hours, whilst several of us snapped away with our cameras. The more experienced guys used the professional strobist lighting and reflective brollies. Me being a novice and a free spirited sort of person, just did my own thing. Shooting the camera almost aimlessly, experimenting with different shots and flash. Well mainly just because I could (well, with digital cameras that what its all about isn't it?) and seeing what effects I could create.
I was quite amused at some of my ad hoc pics and how they turned out.
I experimented with my camera flash on occassions and tried various angles. I quite like the shoes that one of the models was wearing and clicked away.
I took one close up pic and snapped away again using the flash. I realised that this was very overly exposed, but found it amusing that the over exposed shot looked like there were no feet inside the shoes, and that the ankle chain just kinda floated above very mysteriously! Weird but wonderful!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Day 1

Well I have became increasingly neglected that my hubby is either out taking pics or updating his blog page.
So I decided that if you cant beat them, then join em. So to speak!

My decision now is deciding what Theme of pics to add to my blog. I'm aiming to attach one photo per week and see how it goes from there.

So, theme! Well like most woman, I like fashion whether it is clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelery, yes the list is endless. :-)

Oh la la, I can feel a shopping trip coming on... On the Internet of course. Well there aren't many shops open on a Saturday evening at 7:45pm is there, unless of course you live in Dubai... How I miss Dubai! :-(

Yes I am setting my blog page up in the middle of Dr Who Confidential! Oh sacrilege you say!
My hubby is appalled at me.. 'Well I am a woman', I told him, 'We woman can multi task' I mocked back at him... Well if you know my hubby, you'll know that it didn't fall on deaf ears........ Talk about sarcasm, lol

Well off I go, and see where my travels take me to and what stories I have to tell... Wish me luck ;-)